Sunday services 10:00 am
Center for Spiritual Living Sarasota
Meeting: South Gate Community Center
3145 South Gate Circle ~ Sarasota, FL 34239
Mailing: PO Box 15232 Sarasota, FL 34277

CSL Sarasota

Our Community Core Values



Feeling, acting and being thankful; appreciating the abundance of blessings in our daily lives.

Having a deep spiritual connection and feeling of unconditional care, tenderness and compassion for one another; being love.

Being genuine; living in integrity; walking our talk;
acting in alignment with the principles we teach and believe.

Revealing our innate health and vitality as complete;
being restored to our original wholeness.

Spiritual Growth
Deepening our relationship with the God of our understanding
through spiritual practices, spiritual living,
and personal growth.

Expressing our lightness of being through playfulness, spontaneity, enthusiasm, passion and fun!

Sharing a sense of closeness and belonging as an inclusive, dynamic group of people who serve and rely upon one another; cooperatively making decisions
and creating together.

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