Sunday services 10:00 am
Center for Spiritual Living Sarasota
Meeting: South Gate Community Center
3145 South Gate Circle ~ Sarasota, FL 34239
Mailing: PO Box 15232 Sarasota, FL 34277

Revs. Ed & George

Rev. George Stewart (Rev. G) and Rev. Edwin Tanzi, are licensed ministers with Centers for Spiritual Living. We graduated from the CSL School for Spiritual Leadership Florida campus (Holmes Institute), Edwin with a master’s degree and George receiving the certificate in consciousness studies in June of 2015 and have been the Spiritual Leaders of Center for Spiritual Living Greater Boston since our graduation. 

Together we have been involved in the New Thought movement for over 38 years, Reverend George (Rev. G) for 24 years and Reverend Ed (Rev. Ed) for 14 years. Rev. G came to New Thought when meeting his first husband and became active in Unity Palm Springs. Rev. G also began singing solos in local CSL communities and later found Palm Springs Spiritual Enrichment Center now CSL Palm Springs where he received his early Science of Mind classes. Rev. Ed first came to CSL Palm Springs in 2002 where he fell in love with the philosophy and began his early Science of Mind classes. We met in 2004 and married in 2005 at CSL Palm Springs. We then relocated to Rhode Island, Rev. Ed’s home state, and became practitioners online with Rev. Dr. Christine Tillottson, Rev. G in 2009 and Rev. Ed in 2010. We later were called to found the CSL Boston Teaching Chapter in 2011 while in Ministerial School which we have now converted to CSL Greater Boston. We also trained two practitioners that graduated and were licensed at the same time that we graduated as ministers and were licensed.

We both feel that the Science of Mind teaching has not only saved our lives, it has changed them for the better forever. This is why it is our passion to bring this teaching to the world through our ministry. We accomplish this through being authentic, transparent, living from principle, and expressing our loving and nurturing energy that we share with humanity. Our community loves our natural ability to bring humor, joy and lightness to everything we do as co-spiritual leaders.

Rev. Ed was an elementary school teacher for 33 years and was the State Coordinator for Club Z Tutoring in Rhode Island and Connecticut. He has been on the Board at CSL Palm Springs, Concordia CSL and CSL Greater Boston. At each center, Rev. Ed also was the Volunteer Coordinator. Rev. G began leadership in his early years in 4-H and was president of his club. Rev. G speaks conversational Spanish and has worked in theater, as a soloist, Insurance as an agent for over 15 years, worked in preferred services at Bank of America and served on the Board for Concordia CSL and CSL Greater Boston.

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