Sunday services 10:00 am
Center for Spiritual Living Sarasota
Meeting: South Gate Community Center
3145 South Gate Circle ~ Sarasota, FL 34239
Mailing: PO Box 15232 Sarasota, FL 34277

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An enthusiastic student of the Science of Mind, since 1992, Theresa Fieberts, has used these Principles to change her life and her passion is infectious! Whether through prayer counseling, teaching classes, or simply being in spiritual community, Theresa delights in witnessing people’s lives change in the Light of Truth. “We have to pop the cork and let God out!” she exclaims.

As a 2017 graduate of the Holmes Institute and the Centers for Spiritual Living School of Spiritual Leadership, Theresa earned her Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies and is a licensed Minister of Religious Science and serves as the Associate Minister at CSL-Sarasota.

Committed to service, Theresa is an active member of our CSL-Sarasota community having served as a Practitioner, on the Board of Trustees, Youth/Teen Director, Class Facilitator, Workshop Leader, Sunday Presider, Guest Speaker, and coffee maker – whatever needs to be done! Throughout the years, Theresa has also assisted Rev. Karen in a variety of administrative tasks.

Theresa also served one year as Director at the Center for Spiritual Living Manatee.

Theresa’s mission is to live Life from the inside out: “I courageously awaken myself and others to the creative and authentic expression of Spirit from within!”

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Title Date Length
Birthing Your Christ Consciousness - A Christmas Experience 2017-12-24 46:15
The JOY of Becoming! 2017-12-10 33:32
The Changeless in the Midst of Change 2017-10-29 36:29
Step Through Your Fears 2017-10-15 28:54
I Popped the Cork 2017-08-06 29:07
One Commandment - Love 2017-02-05 29:59
Infinite Possibillities - A Contemplative New Year's Experience 2017-01-01 43:17
Christ Consciousness - A Christmas Experience Contemplative Service 2016-12-25 38:21
Engaged Spirituality 2016-11-06 35:25
Spiritual Stewardship - Healing Choices 2016-10-16 30:54
Walk It Like You Talk It! 2016-09-11 30:29
Aligning with Spiritual Principles 2016-09-04 29:53
GOOD NEWS Part Two Be Your Own Broadcasting System 2016-08-14 24:49
FREE To Be Me! 2016-07-10 26:06
Giving - It's All God's Anyway 2016-05-22 30:28
Self-Love Changes the World 2016-02-14 28:15
What do you believe 2015-11-15 26:58
There is One Life! 2015-09-20 27:36
God, Our Father - Is Re-imaging the God of Your Childhood Necessary? 2015-06-21 28:16
Your Presence is Requested - The Art of Being Present with One Another 2015-06-07 30:14
Everyday is Commencement Day! 2015-05-31 29:10
The Universal Story of a Personal Evolution 2015-05-24 24:26
Words Matter 2015-05-17 23:00
The Divine Feminine - It's In Us All 2015-05-10 27:37
Diversity & Inclusion - What Does the Science of Mind Teach 2015-05-03 29:20
The Greatest Gifts are to be Shared 2014-12-14 27:33
It Begins With Me 2014-10-12 27:34
Abundant Growth Opportunities 2014-08-31 26:24
Abundant Authenticity 2014-07-27 30:37
Silver Linings - Refusal to Name it Anything but Good! 2014-05-18 31:45
The Power of the Dream 2013-04-21 54:28
Get Out of the Way 2012-09-09 27:29

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