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Prayer Ministry

"Only when we pray for a change within ourselves is it possible for our act of prayer to influence the results."  Rabbi Harold Kushner

Rev. Karen Wolfson

Since my own discovery of New Thought and in my years of ministry since, I have fallen in love with the transformational power of affirmative prayer.  I rely on this as the core of my spiritual practice, and as the "juice" of my life.  The creative power of intentionally declaring and embracing the Truth - regardless of circumstances, is unparalleled.  "The gift is already given," and it is simply awaiting our recognition, our claim, and our acceptance by means of affirmative prayer.

What does Center for Spiritual Living Sarasota teach about prayer?

We live in a responsive, loving spiritual universe.  We teach Affirmative Prayer which produces definite results.  It is a powerful, practical means of healing, of restoring harmony and balance to life, as well as of expressing joy and gratitude.  The practice of Affirmative Prayer builds our faith in the goodness of life, and opens us to a continual awareness of the Presence of God.

There is no wrong way to pray.  We were born with an innate sense of infinite possibility and thus intuitively know how to pray.

However, using certain techniques and languaging can facilitate our clarity - which in turn strengthens and expands our faith as we pray.

What services does Center for Spiritual Living Sarasota Prayer Ministry offer?

After each Sunday service, private five to ten minute sessions, during which our Prayer Practitioners meet with individuals and do affirmative prayer for their particular requests.

Written prayer requests may be turned in on Sunday mornings or e-mailed to us at, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Private fee-based sessions may be scheduled with our Prayer Practitioners by calling them directly (see link to listings under STAFF link on home page), or by calling our office 941-927-6212, or e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is the function of these Prayer Practitioners?

Our Prayer Practitioners are available to do affirmative prayer with you and for you;  to stand with you in faith and knowing that Divine Love and Infinite Power support you in handling and transcending whatever life-challenge you may be facing.  They also support you in opening to receive that which your heart desires.

The Prayer Practitioners are bound by the highest standards of ethics, professionalism and confidentiality.  they are tained to hae a high spiritual consciousness at sees beyond appearances to the greater Truth.

Why would I want to use the services of a Prayer Practitioner instead of simply doing my own private prayer work?

This is a tool available in addition to that of your own private prayer work.  Sometimes when our faith is shaky, it is empowering to ask someone to believe on our behalf, borrowing their faith until ours becomes stronger.  The Bible reminds us of the special power in sharing our spiitual intention with each other.  "For wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there I AM in the midst of them."

What if:

I'm not sure how to clearly express the issue for which I want prayer?

The Prayer Practitioner is trained to assist you in identifying this, and then to affirm in prayer, the spiritual qualities that best express the manifestation which your heart desires.

My prayer request seems too trivial?

There is nothing too trivial to pray for.

I'm a private person, so I hesitate talking about this to a Prayer Practitioner?

Prayer Practitiones are trained especially to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which you can, in stricktest confidence, express your thoughts and feelings.

I have lots of doubts and no faith regarding the possibility of prayer having any effect?

Remember the Biblical promise that all  you need have is faith "as a grain of mustard seed and you shall move mountains."  When you use the services of a Prayer Practitioner, you are in a sense, borrowing their faith - letting their faith be strong for and about you, where yours is weak.

I've had a Prayer Practitioner do prayer work  for me, but I still have doubt, fear and anxiety.  Does that mean the prayer work is ineffective?

No.  These are simply your old habitual ways of responding to your situation, and these habits will change as you substitute new thoughts of peace and trust.  Don't deny or resist these feelings.  Just deny their power over you, and gently but firmly turn your attention to thoughts of healing and wholeness.

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